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What is the Recruitment and Consulting Services Association?

Drawing on a history of 35 years, the RCSA is able to provide a co-ordinated response to issues impacting on all facets of the Recruitment and Consulting Services industry.

RCSA membership comprises a substantial base of corporate and individual members from Australia and New Zealand.

RCSA is a not-for-profit Association, which is managed by a Board of Directors. Policy is set by the Board, while management at an International level is vested in an Executive Committee, which comprises of a President, two Vice-presidents, a Treasurer and a Chief Executive Officer.

What does the RCSA do?

RCSA Head Office performs the following key functions on behalf of RCSA members:

Serves as a communication link and support for all divisional activity.
Provides advice on Industrial Relations issues.
Writes and promotes the education program.
Establishes corporate identity and market positioning.
Markets RCSA internally and externally to service members, recruit new members and to raise the profile of the RCSA to key bodies affecting the Industry.
Produces publications.
Seeks sponsorship.
Liaises with the Media, Government and Employer Bodies.



Liverpool Office
Moore House Level 1, 98-100 Moore Street Liverpool
Ph: (02) 9822 4440
Fax: (02) 9824 1305

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