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Code of Professional Conduct

  • Members will observe the highest standards of ethics, probity and professional conduct. Ethical behaviour is not simply compliance with legal requirements, it extends to honesty, equity, integrity and social responsibility in all dealings. It is behaviour that holds up to disclosure and to public scrutiny.
  • All members are required to sign a "Statement of Commitment" to abide by the Code of Professional Conduct and to support the mission of the Association.
  • Members will treat as confidential all client, candidate and member information.
  • Information may not be used to the detriment of clients, candidates or members.
  • Confidential information may not be sent indiscriminately
  • Members will give honest and truthful representation of all information in all dealings with clients or candidates.
  • Permission must be obtained before releasing confidential information.
  • Members will not undertake actions that may jeopardise a candidate's employment.
  • Members will not solicit, lure, or entice candidates that they have placed within the previous 12 months or employees of clients with whom they have ongoing business relationships.
  • Members will not encourage or entice, temporary/contract staff or collude with clients to encourage temporary/contract staff to transition from the employment of one member to another member.
  • Members shall not attempt to prevent a candidate or temporary/contract worker from seeking work from other sources.
  • Members will not engage in any form of collusive practices.
  • Members will not knowingly put at risk candidate, clients, or members.
  • Members must adhere to the principles of truth in advertising.
  • Members will only advertise permanent positions for which they have permission to recruit.


  • All fees, charges and services provided must be explicitly and fully disclosed to clients prior to the acceptance of an assignment, or prior to any work being undertaken for a client
  • Members agree that prior to the engagement of a temporary/contract worker, that individual will be given details of work conditions, the nature of the work to be undertaken, rates of pay and pay arrangements. Any variation to the engagement can only occur with prior notification to the temporary/contract worker.
  • Members will not take on assignments that could result in their inability to pay temporary/contract workers.
  • Members shall inform the temporary/contract worker whenever they have reason to believe that any particular assignment could cause an OH&S risk.


  • Members must comply with all legal, statutory and Government requirements.


  • Members shall ensure that all new employees honour all legal and common law obligations to previous employers.
  • Members and their employers will not solicit, lure, or endeavour to entice away clients or candidates associated with their previous employer for a period of six months from the cessation of employment.


  • Members agree to abide by Professional Practice Models that the RCSA issues from time to time.


  • Disputes between Members and other parties who agree, will be referred for arbitration to the RCSA Disciplinary Committee for resolution. The findings will be binding on members and other parties.
  • Member misconduct will be referred to the RCSA Disciplinary Committee for arbitration. The findings and disciplinary decisions will be binding on members.
  • Members must bring to the attention of the RCSA any violations of this code by any member at the earliest possible time.



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