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There is no such thing as an ideal recruitment procedure. Identifying, targeting and securing suitable candidates demands a flexible and unique approach. Every time!

Having established that we consider certain selection procedures indispensable, and treat them as such. Namely;

Initial Screening

We conduct an initial screening of all applications and possible candidates. Potentially suitable candidates then participate in in-depth interviews.


Interviews are specifically tailored to ensure candidates are evaluated for relevant competencies, knowledge, experience, skills and personal attributes.

Varied interview format

We do not restrict ourselves to a single interview format. A number of methods are employed.

A combination of methods ensures
Candidates are evaluated and assessed more thoroughly
The most cost effective match of candidates to your requirements

Short list candidates

Reports are prepared on potentially suitable candidates.

Reference appraisal

Before you waste your time talking to candidates, we conduct a thorough reference check and verification on short-listed candidates

Multi-tiered appraisal

Traditionally, candidates offer superiors as referees. In our view this produces a restricted and slanted reference base. Ultimately, an employees effectiveness and contribution is derived from his ability to interact with staff on various levels, we perform reference appraisals utilising:

Qualifications verified

All to often academic and professional qualifications are not verified. Recent studies in the USA concluded that one-third of all higher education claims were false. If requested, we verify qualifications wherever possible.

Psychological - Personality Assessment

If appropriate, we can conduct thorough testing for psychological and/or personality traits to further appraise a candidate's suitability for the position and your organisation.

Client interview

We present you with the short-list of suitable candidates, our candidate evaluation reports and reference appraisal details. We discuss these with you and offer guidance and advice when and where needed. We arrange interviews for those candidates you wish to consider further.


When you select our candidate we convey and negotiate the offer to the mutual satisfaction of both parties.

Post- placement follow-up

We don't cease our involvement just because the candidate is placed. During the ensuing months we will seek relevant feedback from you and the successful candidate to facilitate and assist with the induction


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